“I will offer you some insight into my personal life, something to appease your curious nature. It has nothing to do with who I am now, however, I feel it was a pivotal moment in my life that shaped the man I am today.” –Vladimir; Dark Desires: Genesis

He managed to briefly open up about his past in that pivotal email he sent Valerie, now you have the opportunity to read about it for yourself.

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1986 – Cireaşov, Romania
Anca walked down the hall of the second floor of the Alexandria Inn. It was the only pit stop for visitors to the small village, most chose to stay in the city of Slatina located 1.5 miles outside of Cireaşov – unless they couldn’t afford to do so, then they came here. There were only ten rooms that accommodated up to twenty guests and she was one of the three girls responsible for housekeeping. With fresh towels and clean sheets in hand, she knocked on the door of the only guest on the floor this week. A few beats later, Mr Cazacu opened for her. This had been his third visit here in as many months and it never failed to stop the lurch her heart made when she looked up into his handsome face. He was much taller than her, about 6ft to her 5’5″.

“May I come in?”

“Of course Anca.”

And there it was again. That lurch in her chest at the sound of his deep voice that caressed her ears and danced across her skin. He was a respectable gentleman, it was in the way he spoke and the way he carried himself. Why he chose to come here rather than stay in one of the city hotels that catered to men of his calibre was a mystery to everyone, everyone but her. He stepped aside to let her in and closed the door. She walked over to the chair that sat beside the closed curtain window and set down the sheets. As she stood up, she felt the heat of his body reaching out to her through their clothes. At this point, the lurch in her heart had turned to a full on drumming beat that had flushed the cheeks on her pale skin. He reached for her hair, removing the pins that secured the net over her bun and made quick work of the band that held her hair in place. The tresses tumbled down her back like a golden waterfall that he ran his fingers through.


“I’ve missed you.” It was a whisper against the shell of her ear that made her weak in saying no. She should be working. She could get fired. If they got caught the tongues in the town would wag and she would be disgraced, not only her but her family as well. She needed to stop this before it got out of hand and talk to him. She turned around to face him but the words never had a chance to escape her lips when his mouth connected with hers. And just like that, her resolve wavered. When she felt one of his large masculine hands running down her back while the other kneaded her small breast that resolve that was momentarily suspended disappeared as if it never existed.

Soon, the only thing between them was need and passion and her body following his in a dance that she had only recently learnt the steps to, a dance where only they could hear the music. The collar of her white shirt was loosened and the garment was lifted over her head. She released the clasp of her bra before manoeuvring the straps from her shoulders and discarding it somewhere on the floor. His head bent down, consuming the small mound that was her breast. His tongue teasing the rosy tip, sending her senses into overdrive. Anca couldn’t think when he did things like this to her. She wanted more; more of his mouth; more of him. Anca quickly untied the apron around her waist, her fingers gravitating to the thick, light-brown hair on his head. She pulled on the strands, not knowing whether to keep him in place or push him away.

Silviu finally released the breast he was feasting on with a resounding pop that echoed around the room. The alabaster skin of her left breast was now an angry red compared to the pale twin that sat on the right side. He kissed her shoulder and then moved to claim those full, pink lips once again. His scumpo Anca. She was so sweet, so innocent and so willing. As his tongue explored the cavern of her mouth, his hands went to work on the skirt that was wrapped around her waist- the material dropped around her feet. His fingers wandered to the sweet treasure nestled between her slim thighs where he felt the moisture gathered at her lips. She was always ready for him. His darling little Anca, the sweetest temptation that had ever crossed his path.She was the only reason he ever came to this dump masquerading as a village.

Silviu lifted her into his arms and laid her down on the rumpled sheets of his unmade bed. She quickly removed her shoes and socks before lying back down again. There was only one piece of fabric that was left on her delicate frame which he made quick work of eradicating. When he was done, when she was completely naked, he stood up and took a moment to admire the picture she painted.

Anca was an absolute vision. Only a man with the power of will could deny her when she was sprawled out before him. He wasn’t that man. He removed his clothing as he watched her watching him, those doe-like eyes fixated on his full and throbbing cock, its red bulbous head intent on bringing them both pleasure. He climbed onto the bed and lifted one of her legs, laying a trail of kisses from her ankle to her calf and up the inside of her right thigh. When he reached the apex, the pink petals of her nether lips called out to him like a siren’s song which he willingly followed into the perilous waves of the passion he held for her. His tongue swiped at the dew coating her short hairs. He pried her lips apart with two of his fingers to suck on the little bud until she was writhing beneath him. Anca held her fist to her mouth, trying to stifle her moans.

His cock couldn’t wait any longer, the swollen veins of his manhood indicative of his ache to be inside her. It had been so long, too long in his opinion, since he had last seen her. He ran the tip of his tongue up her flat stomach and up her sternum, until he reached the column of her throat, pausing to kiss her chin then ending his journey at her mouth. He poured his longing for her into that kiss. It was the frustration of a man who had spent weeks away from his lover. If she lived closer then he would see her more often, he wouldn’t allow his need to build to this tense crescendo that exploded when they joined. Alas, she lived here, in a small town just outside Slatina which sat 86 miles away his home in the capital of Bucharest.

He adjusted his cock to align with her tight, little passage and drove in to the hilt with one thrust. Anca gasped into Silviu’s mouth at the intrusion. Every time felt like their first where she doubted he would ever fit, but he always did. Soon the pain ebbed and in its place came the heat of pleasure brought about by the steady pump of his hips into her core. Their bodies were slick with sweat and the room reverberated with the sound of their gasps, sighs, and moans. Anca felt her feet reach the edge of that euphoric cliff that had become her drug. She wrapped her legs around his waist and held on to him as she let go and fell over the precipice. She came long and hard, her svelte legs shaking around his narrow waist while her vaginal walls fluttered around the foreign flesh that continued to plough into her. She bit into Silviu’s shoulder to muffle her cries and the sensation of pleasure and pain had him following her into the abyss, emptying rope after rope of his satisfaction.

As much as Silviu had tried to pull out he couldn’t. When his climax rushed through his loins the motion of his working hips stalled. His body froze in their union as if unwilling to part with the ethereal gratification brought about when they came together in this way. Anca had wrapped herself so firmly around him, he didn’t wish to either. In her arms, he felt safe, desired and like his own man. He was powerless to move until the intense sensation released him from its clutches. She made him feel alive and he was addicted. When the fog of lust began to clear and his senses were no longer primed for lust, he realised his mistake. He was baiting fate with this second slip up, and if he didn’t want to feel her wrath then he really needed to be more careful. Once his cock had softened, he pulled out of her and lay on his back, breathing in the musky air of their coupling.

“Silviu, I must tell you something.”

That sweet, light voice that had become his siren’s song reached out to him through his hazy thoughts. He turned to face her. No woman should ever be allowed to look this beautiful. It was simultaneously captivating and distracting. “What is it my scumpete?”

“I’m…” she swallowed the apprehension and forged on. “I’m pregnant.”

The words were like a bucket of snow on the heat that swirled around them a moment ago. He had only lost control with her once, not counting today, in the numerous times that they were together over the past three months. It was possible… no, it couldn’t be. “Whose child is it?”

“Yours! I’ve only ever been with you.” Her expressive brown eyes were emphatic, begging him to believe her.

Silviu got up from the bed and began to get dressed. This could not be happening. All he wanted was to have a piece of heaven, an escape, for the first time in his life. The mirage he viewed her through disappeared and in its place stood a trap. His siren had managed to crash his ship among the rocks, threatening to add yet another responsibility to his long list of obligations.

The quest to expand the family business of hotels in Bucharest to other cities in Romania was the only reason he had come to Cireaşov. He’d planned to buy this particular inn and have it rebuilt. It would be much cheaper than acquiring property in Slatina and he could offer more of a retreat to prospective tourists with an option to shuttle into the city if need be. A luxury hotel on the outskirts of the city would give him a competitive edge over his rivals. He didn’t even want to think about the conversation he was going to have with his overbearing father when he told him he was cancelling the project. If this affair saw the light of day, he would never hear the end of it, let alone manage to cut the leash his father kept around his neck. Stupid bitch! His big idea, the only concept that his father had shown genuine interest in, was circling the drain because he couldn’t keep his dick in his pants.

Anca sat up and watched him dress. She knew he may not be happy about it. This was, after all, an unplanned pregnancy. He was a well-respected man, although he had never revealed what he did for a living, and she was nothing but a common girl in a nearly forgotten town. She followed his lead and began to pull on her own clothing. As for the residue of their earlier exploits – that would be taken care of in one of the bathrooms downstairs. As she was retying her hair she looked at the man who consumed her thoughts when she wasn’t working or focusing on school. She stared at him in his formal black pants, white shirt and the black waistcoat that sat undone. His face was a mask of impassivity. His strong jaw was clenched tightly and his thin lips lay in a flat line underneath the trimmed moustache. Even now in the face tension, she couldn’t help but want him.

“Get rid of it.”

“What?” The image of the man who was everything she had dreamed of began to crack with those four little words.

Silviu reached into his pants and retrieved his wallet. He opened it, took out a few notes and threw  them at her. Those blue eyes that were hypnotising a few minutes ago were now hard, threatening and cold as ice. “I don’t have the time or energy to look after the little bastard. Get rid of it.”

Anca laid her hands on her stomach, the place where their child grew. She wasn’t showing yet but soon she would. Never in a million years had she thought he would say this to her. Her heart did something new in his presence; it cracked and tore threatening to give up its life beating rhythm. “I-I thought you cared about me, loved me?”

It was a dirty business, having affairs that is. Silviu thought of a way to mitigate this impending disaster as he sat down to pull on his socks and shoes. He had to end this now and swear off this stupid town, maybe even Slatina. He stood up to face her, asserting his dominance in this situation. “I never said that. I gave you a good time and a little money. I love my wife and two children. I can’t afford to have the local village idiot ruining that.” He walked to the small, wooden closet and picked out his suit jacket before heading to the door. “So get rid of it before I make your life a living hell,” he threw over his shoulder before exiting.

His words, her lover’s words, had shocked Anca to her core. Before today they made her feel like a goddess; now she may as well be a leper. The door slammed shut and shame burned in her veins and even hotter tears cascaded down her cheeks as she stood in the now empty, quiet room. What am I going to do? She couldn’t answer that right now. She wiped her face clean, bent down to pick up the money and stuffed it into her apron. She then set about doing the job she was hired to do – changing Mr Silviu Cazacu’s sheets and cleaning his room.