Part I  – Genesis 

KK Genesis Final

If men could drop women on a whim, then she could do it too. She was desirable; she was smart; she was still young. Valerie was also slightly buzzed with the alcohol she’d consumed alone at the bar that night. She didn’t want Mr Perfect, she just wanted Mr Right Now, because the best way to get over somebody was to get under someone else. And that was the first step in getting over her lousy ex.

The woman he’d failed to notice as he ordered his drink now had his attention. If Vladimir had read her correctly, and he had mastered the art of reading people, then he was willing and able to give her a night she would never forget.

One night had turned into two, and now his mind was stuck on Valerie. He didn’t know why, but he was determined to find out what it was about her that made that weekend hard to forget. She may have been shocked by the discovery in his hotel room, but she wasn’t going to get away from him that easily.

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Part II – Deliverance                                                                     

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Valerie was trying to be hopeful. Vladimir would find her before it was too late. That thing called hope faded as she was jetted away from the place she called home. The man who’d kidnapped her was nice. Kidnappers weren’t supposed to be “nice”. She wasn’t complaining, but she didn’t trust him. Valerie prayed that Vladimir found her soon before her captor decided to drop the act.

The Impaler – that’s what Valerie’s abductor had called him. He was ready to put away the title. He was willing to step out of the game. That was until they took away his only reason to turn over a new leaf. No one took what belonged to him. And if she did not return in the same condition that she had left that morning, then they would learn first hand exactly how ruthless he could be.

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Part III – Redemption

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Love is meant to conquer all. With love, you can overcome the obstacles thrown your way. No matter how ugly or gruesome love will endure to the bitter end. That’s what Valerie believed – until now. The man that she tried to keep her herself from falling for had somehow managed to force his way in and before she knew it, she had given him her heart. If he believes walking away now is what’s best for, he’s wrong. But she refuses to beg no matter how much it hurts. If he wants to leave, then she won’t stop Vladimir from going.

After getting rid of the bad guy, you’re supposed to get the girl. That’s how it works unless your name is Vladimir and everyone calls you The Impaler. Vlad knew from the moment he met her, from the moment he felt their connection, he should have stayed away. Women like her would only get hurt by associating with men like him. He can’t change the past, but he can allow Valerie to have a normal future. A future free of the danger he brings. He vows to let her go and seek redemption for the woman that deserves it the most.

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