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  1. Was book 3 evere released? I am not able to locate it on Amazon. If it has not been released, do you have an new release date planned?


  2. Wow, I just read that snippet of Keynaan and Iyanna story and I must admit it is building some excitement to see and read it in it’s entirety . I realize that it can’t excuse Keynaan’s actions for what he did to Val, but it shows a little humanity. I can’t wait for this book. I am a true fan of your work Miss King!!!!!!!

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  3. Please write more books. I’m on the 3rd book of your series and I stopped myself from reading because I don’t want it to end. I was crying by chapter 2 in book 3. Please write more books!!! And thank you for writing this series.

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    1. This really reminded me of why I love writing Kim!
      7 MINUTES is due for release soon and during Nanowrimo I will be working on a duology. There will definitely be a couple of books out before the year’s end 🙂


  4. Kourtney,

    As one of your readers do what you need to do to publish your stories. You have your readers support!!!


      1. Hi Miss. King, thanks for the follow up. I am looking forward to Keenan’s Story. I often check Amazon and other book stores to see if it has been released yet.LOL

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  5. KK,
    OMG… you make my insomnia so worth it…I started on GENESIS yesterday and now…less than 24 hours later…I am starting on DELIVERANCE! I went in night before last for a sleep study, needless to say I did not sleep! I am so in love with Vlad and Val…I want a piece of Andrei…I want Razvan to give my husband some life lessons….I was so overjoyed to read about a strong Black woman that wasn’t a ghetto hood chick or some suped up independent diva that wanted to shatter glass ceilings! I love Val and everything she stood for and I am happy to say that she is the epitome of how I have raised my daughters…FIERCE, LOVING, SELF AWARE, INTELLECTUAL, SELFISH AND SELFLESS, EMULATING BEAUTY FROM WITHIN AND TAKING PRISONERS OF EVERY HEART THEY ENCOUNTER! THANK YOU for such a breath of fresh air in a character! I am going to finish the last book in this series, take a trazadone to sleep for a bit and then I am going to search out any and everything you have written!

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    1. WOW! Thank you for this. Vlad and Val were a great pair to pen down and their beauty lies in their differing philosophies. Razvan IS the ultimate gentleman among those three but also the quietest character in my head unless there’s a call of distress. Andrei is coming (I promise) as soon as I complete the Seven Series!

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  6. Wow” Kourtney you did it again!!!. I had been on pins and needles waiting for the release of 7Minutes and it was worth the wait. I’m so glad that you gave us the insights as to how Keyaan arrived to the person he was in Deliverance.. I felt so sorry that his father abused his son mentally his entire life. I felt as though his father was living his life through his sons. I understand that different races ,religions, customs and beliefs may differ from my own. This behavior of his father seems extreme to me. He never pushed Kamal to do much, which allowed him freedom to live his life. Ps what does ARC mean?

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    1. Thank you for reading it! I think you brought up a very good point regarding Keyaan’s father – he was extreme. However, I have noticed this kind of behaviour from parents who have talented children and push them to excel in their given field. The only difference here is the setting (Syria), goals (ending the current civil war) and motivations (a whole group of people who have been marginalised and are choosing to revolt).

      I’m keeping a lid on Kamal’s story because that is a book I’m mulling over for the future.

      ARC is an Advanced Review Copy

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