I’m going to fess up and admit this moment was spurred by my incessant checking of notifications a random visit to Facebook.  There are a select group of friends who I get notifications for whenever they post. EVERY single post they share sets my phone off BUT it’s more hmmm that’s interesting and insightful than damn that was uber unnecessary. What made me actually click on this specific post was the title.

Motherhood Is Not A Woman’s Most Important Job

I’m going to be very explicit and state that I FULLY AGREE with everything the article had to say.

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 Me after reading:



The comments section:

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Me after reading the comments in the comment section they tell you to avoid:

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I’m rara hurrah for anything and everything that supports, uplifts, and aids women in the paradigm shift of traditional gender roles. The article was written about Amal Clooney – George Clooney’s wife. She is a human rights layer and recently addressed the United Nations, urging world leaders to speak out against acts of genocide committed by ISIS. However, the media coverage was more concerned with what she was wearing to this address. #WTF1

I don’t know why the hell her attire was such a hot topic. I honestly think that the media outlets that were reporting this event in a fashion light hijacked the cause to feed their reader base something. More hits, more revenue.

Well done team! High fives all round! Right.

I applaud Jennifer Right for the very straightforward approach she took when she wrote:

“Being a parent is a source of joy and challenge and meaning for many humans of all genders. But it’s not the most important job there is. It’s not even technically a job, insofar as it pays no money. It is more like a very demanding volunteer position that you can never, ever get out of.”

Yes Jen, Jes! You articulated this beautifully.

When did motherhood become a J.O.B?

I’m not negating that raising children is tough.

I’m not downplaying the role homemakers play in the lives of their children.

I’m merely asking when did we accept that motherhood is a JOB?

When I was growing up I went through so many phases of what profession I would go into.

  • astronaught (until 10th grade where I concluded science is not my thing… fascinating though)
  • philosopher (still wondering how this works)
  • doctor (a few episodes of The Residents ushered me out of the medical scene)

My point is that my ambitions as a young girl were not rooted to the day I held mini me. Sure, I played house and came up with hypothetical names for the kids I would one day have, but never did I think that little Tom and Sally would be my job because there are countless parents out there that have other vocations.

If it’s THE most important job then why can anyone who is physically capable of carrying a child do so? If it’s THE most important Job then where are the qualifications and what is the criteria? Phrasing motherhood as a job opens the title to scrutiny and attack that leaves a lot of women feeling butthurt.

Let me unpack the fuckery of the comments section.

“if being a parent (mother or father) wasn’t your most important job then you probably raised or are raising part of the problem” #WTF2

This guy completely missed the point because in the end, Jennifer presented the counterargument when she wrote: “This might be less offensive if anyone said being a father is a man’s most important job.“

More importantly, how can anyone call into question someone’s parenting skills simply because they are voicing a contrary belief to that of their own? NO PARENT IS PERFECT. People aren’t perfect. The same way everyone fucks up in relationships or decision making, is likely to happen as a parent. It may not be intentional, but to believe otherwise shows a lack of introspection.

“Being a mother is literally changing the world.. you have an opportunity to change and mold future generations.. seriously.. You have the future with you every day molding beliefs and convictions.. shaping thoughts.. feminism is ridiculous… trying to outsmart yourself… motherhood is the MOST important job in women’s lives.. if they fail at that then they fail at life.. so stupid..” #WTF3

This is where I checked myself out of Facebook, not even the comment section.

I agreed with her sentiments UNTIL she called feminism stupid because the same feminism she is bashing is the same feminism that has… oh I don’t know? Fought for all the rights we have as women today.

But hey! That’s not really important because procreation is the be all and end all of our existence whoop whoop! Not.

I think I must have read this one a couple of times because it was written by a WOMAN who is swept up in the glorification of motherhood that the article is speaking out on.

Really and truly, no one is saying that motherhood is not important. But PLEASE. For the love of all that is good in this world, can we stop calling it a job? And if you never birth a mini me of your own, no, your not a failure and no, you’re not stupid. You’re a woman who made a choice that is yours alone to make.

Don’t let the chorus of societal expectations quell your inner voice.

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