Redemption Cover Reveal

I had already decided on the image I wanted for the cover of Redemption about 3 weeks back (a man in supplication of prayer). I thought I had hit the nail on the head seeing that redemption is about seeking forgiveness for some transgression or other.  That soon changed.

Last week I travelled down to Durban for a new project I’m consulting on where I met a couple of very talented fine arts students. I put their skills to work and asked them what they thought of the cover and they gave me some interesting feedback such as the composition of the image in a frame, the meaning of redemption and the symbolism around it. Taking their opinions in stride, we had a brainstorming session over and above the one we were assigned to do for the day job (haha yes this is me taking advantage of the resources at my disposal).

A very interesting fact they brought to my attention is that Redemption can also mean rebirth – a fresh start; a new beginning. I was sold and we reworked it. So a big thank you to Dre and Sandy for your input at 1 in the morning!

May I present to you Dark Desires: Redemption on sale 31 May 2016



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Dona says:

    I love the Redemption cover. Please Please Please don’t make me wait much longer.
    Vlad is one of the most tragically interesting characters I have met in a long time. I am intrigued with his progression in opening up and realizing he is falling in love after all the tragedy he endured.

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  2. hoodoodreams says:

    I thought this was coming out may 31st? It’s still not up yet?


  3. Janny Biggs says:

    When is the book coming out,can you give us an update please?


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