Is writing like your hobby?

I’m very reluctant to tell people that I’m a writer because it then leads to the question of:

“What do you write about?”

Which I then reply with:

“Romantic Suspense/Erotic Romance”

And that leads to the most annoying question;

“Is writing your hobby?”

This is what I actually look like as I’m trying to compose myself before replying.


But this is actually how I really feel.

hits head on desk

I don’t know what it is… maybe it’s because artists aren’t as well respected as other professions in the economy. Or maybe it’s because artists are considered part of the voluntary poverty populous-especially writers. We always here about the starving writer.

Anyway, I digress from the answer. The truth is that I actually take my writing seriously. I haven’t been to a creative writing class but I am filled with ideas that I am continuously learning to develop. One thing I have learnt is that if you can commit to finishing a book then you’ve beat out a vast majority that views writing as a hobby like this guy at the beginning of Limitless


I don’t consider myself among the greats by any means, but I give my all in every story by thoroughly researching the topics I cover and trying to come up with innovative pretexts to these characters. Over the past five months, I’ve learnt how to map out my books better when I discovered that I am by no means a pantser (capable of writing off of the top of my head). I’ve joined a few writing communities where best-selling indie authors like Hugh Howey (Wool) give advice to the little guys on how to take your writing to the next level. I am not knocking, nor do I look down on, anyone that does consider THEIR writing to  be a hobby but surely you would agree that if they applied that level of commitment to it, then it could no longer be classified as such.

That by no means detracts from the pleasure I derive from doing something that I’m passionate about, but at the same time, I’m reluctant to classify it as a “hobby“.

My message may resonate with some and completely miss others but… c’est la vie.

The only true hobby that I do have is…


It’s the only thing that I do in my leisure time that I can place in that category. I work as an independent contractor in start-ups that require business development and I balance that with writing. Both of these vocations come with a certain level of responsibility and even though I enjoy them for different reasons, I must be honest, there are always ALWAYS stressful moments that my true hobby, SLEEP, has never given me.

Now let me get back to working on Redemption. I will be doing a cover reveal I’m really excited about at the end of this week 😀

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