Vlad… Is that you?


Over a week ago I sent out a copy of The Impaler to my mailing list and can I just say that hitting send on that email is a different kind of high than the one I get when I click publish on Amazon.

So I spent a few days mulling over why that is and it basically comes down to two things.

1) When I was working on this novella, I was 100% focused on the story. I wasn’t worried about marketing, reviews, sales and everything else that comes with being indie. It was just me and the creative process which cut my writing time DRASTICALLY and reduced my stress levels. Actually, I can’t say I was stressed, more anxious than anything else about how it would be received.

2) I wrote the story  to elaborate on the character of Vlad and to ensure that the final book will answer any questions and solve the bigger mysteries of his past. I as the writer have these characters in my head having dialogues with each other. I have their back story in mind and I understand them and love them even though their actions are questionable at times. This was simply another way for me to enrich the reading experience of the series. (I’m all about keeping my readers engaged! :D)

With every book that I write, I grow as an author and this (writing a free filler for a certain character or series) is something that I plan to incorporate in between books going forward. It will be the pit stop between point A and B so that everything comes full circle in the end.

I will give a chronological reading order for the Dark Desires Series:

  1. Genesis
  2. The Impaler Romanian Chronicles v1
  3. Deliverance
  4. Redemption – Release date 31 May 2016

If you don’t have your free copy then sign up to the mailing list NOW!

PS: if you have any questions or comments about this book feel free to ask by leaving a comment

5 thoughts on “Vlad… Is that you?

  1. Miss King I think that it is a wonderful idea to create a filler in between a series. It is away to get the insights of a character and why they behave the way that they do. Vladimir is a complicated character and the filler will prepare the reader for the final installment The Redemption. I can not wait until it is released!!!


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