Edit… Editi… Editing!

Firstly I would like to say that I am appreciative of all the reviews I have received thus far. Some are filled with praise and others… let’s just call them character building reviews. A bad review is needed if I aim to improve my skills as an author.

Editing an English language document

It has now become alarmingly apparent that Dark Desires: Genesis, does need to be re-edited. If the story wasn’t for you, then I completely understand – we are all unique individuals with our own particular tastes and quirks which I can respect. However, if a reader fails to finish the book simply because of poor editing, then I must be held accountable. I sincerely apologize to anyone who’s reading experience was less than pleasurable because of bad editing.

Genesis is currently under revision. When it is complete (it will be released before Deliverance) I will upload it as a second edition  For those of you who already have a copy, then you should be able to update your version through the Manage Your Kindle page. Once it has been uploaded, I will request that Amazon sends out a notification email with all the necessary information to all those who do have a copy but don’t follow this blog.

Once again Thank You for reading!

UPDATE: The complete Dark Desires Series has been professionally edited by the amazing Shielagh Bamber as of 12 October 2016.

  1. Genesis – Third edition
  2. Deliverance – Second edition
  3. Redemption – Second edition

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