Book 1

Looking at my last post, I see that I am 2 weeks past my release date. I had no idea how much work goes into being a self-publisher beyond just writing a book. There is the marketing, editing and cover design which all go toward launching a successful book beyond the writing itself.

I have given myself a strict budget and decided to outsource the editing (nothing irks me more than spelling and grammar mistakes when reading a story) as well as the cover design (I’ve seen some bad ones and don’t wish to add to that list). A fraction will go towards marketing because there are so many free resources available.


For now, I steadily continue to write so that you may enjoy the story of Vlad and Val. I will keep you posted when I near the end to announce the official release date!

UPDATE 1: so I chose to forgo the editor in lieu of a proof-reader. BAD IDEA!!!! but you live and learn right?


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